Management of vital information and distribution of updates and current news for employees can be a challenging task for employers. Toys“R”Us believes in providing their employees with benefits well beyond a paycheck. In addition to competitive pay, the employee benefits program offers one of the best total compensation packages available in retail. In a partnership with The Segal Group, we welcomed the challenge of creating a site that served as the central hub to educate employees on the benefits available to them.


We started with building the R benefits brand while adhering to the Toys“R”Us established brand guidelines. Making sure we were speaking within the Toys“R”Us visual brand, we laid the foundation for a brand experience that communicates the company’s mission to ensure that its employees have access to the appropriate resources when they need them the most.


"WILLFUL delivered on every promise. THEY were committed to understanding our brand, and created a site that we're proud of."



The goal was to bring the look and feel of the Toys“R”Us brand to the web while creating an easy to navigate, informative site. We took a complex content and distilled it down to an organizational structure that would make sense to normal people. We structure content in a way so that it was easy to find and easy to digest. The result was a clean, and visually engaging site that serves as the hub for Toys“R”Us employees.


Whenever we need help, we will be going to WILLFUL. They’re highly talented, and they approached our project with the right blend of STRATEGY and creativity.

Bob Baty-Barr, The Segal Group